Un peut d'histoire.
In the early 1840's, the pioneer and explorer John Horrocks settled at Penwortham, named after his home town in England. From here, he explored further north into the Flinders ranges, using Afhan camels and looking for land suitable for settlement. On one such expedition, Horrocks' party was beset by illness, injuries and war-like Aboriginals. Having run short of provisions, they survived only by making a " skillogalee" or "skilly" - a sort of thin porridge or gruel, probably from grass seeds and water. The word 2skillogalee" comes from Celtic origins and the dish was commonly fed to prisoners in Ireland around this time. When Horrocks finally made it back to Penwortham, he named the creek nearby the Skillogalee Creek in memory of this event. The vineyard takes its name from the creek which runs through its eastern, lower end. Areras now planted at Skillogalee are: totall 19,3 ha.

Une production de vins de table, rouges et blancs.
Entouré par les vignes "Skillogalee Winery" possède une petite auberge restaurant qui vous accueillera dans son jardin, faite une dégustation des différents cépages où crus à votre palais.

 L'amour du vin ne suffit pas. Dégustez une authentique cuisine du terroir.

Le cépage rouge "Shiraz"
est le plus courant en Australie. Sa surface cultivée a été multiplié par
six au cours des dernières années et représente 16'000 hectares.
C'est l'un des plus anciens cépages, propablement originaire de la province de Shiraz en Perse.

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