Newcastle Waters un village impressionnant.
Je n'ai rencontrer pas âme qui vie.

  Je me suis posé des questions!. que se passe  t- il ici ?...
donc j'ai fait quelques photos.
Au détour, j'aperçois au loin une ombre noire qui me paraissait être un homme et non c'était une statue.


Overland Telegraph erected along Stuart's route and Newcastle Waters pony express establisted
Information Board Newcastle Waters.


Stuart discovered and named Newcastle Waters
- South Australia gained control of the
- Northorn Territory
- Nat Buchanan and Sam Croker cross the Barkly to Powell Creek Telegraph station
- Alfred Giles and Darcy Uhr stock the station and bwild first homestead.
- Station sold to John Lewis & Co
- Garettal of murranji and barkly Stock Routes
- Resumption of one square mile for the township
- Voice-contact telegraph etablished
- Lewis & Co. Transfer and station sud-leased to Roy Edwards & Partners.
- Motorised transportof stock route supercedes droving
- Township gazetted
- Ashburton Pastoral Co. Lease station.
- Lease transferred to. Consolidated Press Holding
- Last Great Cattle Drive starting point, dedication of Drovers of Drovers Memorial Park and opening of national Trust property, Jones Store.