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Situated on 20°4'S and 148°5'E, the welcoming tropical climate is attractive for its estimated average daily 8.25 hours sunhine and mean annual temperatures of 27.24°C max. and 21°C min.

About 110 million years ago, the Whitsunday Islands already existed, created by a series of volcanic eruptions. Already 8000 years ago they were recorded as being inhabited by aboriginal called the "Ngaro", a people living in the Proserpine region, and traveling from island to island by canoe.
The grottos of the Nara Inlet on Hooh Island indicate their history through the paintings of fish, tortoises, and rock oysters that line their walls.
Explored by the Portuguese, who were the first Europeans to have visited this part of the Australian coast. But this was after Captain Cook discovered and registered these islands. It was written that one Sunday, the 3rd of June, 1770, Captain Cook gave them the name of "Whitsunday Passage".

The Whitsunday Islands regroup 74 isles that are mapped, but that a report lists a possible 150 isles.
Certain of these islands are inhabited, but 70 are national parks.
Also present are the Marine National Parks which surround the Whitsunday Islands.

beautiful islands

Built in 1902 of German Steel with Timber decking and superstructure as a sail powered cargo vessel. Originally named Stina. In 1905 sold and renamed "Adolf" working in and around the Baltic and North Sea. In 1915 Solway Lass was seized as a prize of war by the British and used as a Q-Ship during WWI. At end of WWI, SL worked as a coal merchant, produce and stone carrying vessel between Liverpool England and Scottish Ports.
In 1924 sold to a Scottish firm in the Solway Firth where she was renamed "Solway Lass" (SL). When WWII broke out the Germans seized SL as a prize of war where she was used to supply their armed forces. During the war SL hit a mine and was badly damaged, however the Germans refloated and repaired her because SL was useful as a sail-powered icebreaker. After WWII Solway Lass served in the South Pacific as a Cargo Vessel. In 1983 a Sydney Businessman purchased SL in Fjii. Between 1983 and 1985 SL was totally rebuilt and in 1988 took pride of place in the 1st Fleet re-enactment of the Tallships into Sydney Harbour.




  Hamilton Is

  Larger - i fact, a village' resort
- Hamilton Island.
  Longs Is   Low accommodation buildings
  South Molle Is   Tropical Paradise - national Park trails and an idyllic palm fringed setting.
  Brampton Is  Brampton Island is a blue water, tropical haven of fun, romance or pure escapism.


  Daydream Is   Set in lush, stream-gardens
 Hayman Is
  Provides luxury seekers with all the fine five star touches you would expect from one of The Leading Hotels Of The World.
 Lindemann Is   Club Med resort
  From the unspoilt vistas of pristine national Parks