There is several millenium of years Australia formed
a single continent that one call


The settlement of Australia to begin approximately 40 000 years, whose descendants its maintaining the aboriginals of Asian origin, has the time the Guinea news was connects by small islands to the cast iron of the air refrigerator the Northern hemisphere, and the rise in the sea, was that Australia became an island. The first Australian ones arrived in more groups and are different in 620 tributes speaking some 200 languages.
They lived hunting of fishing and what they found in the drill of bays and D grass.
The aboriginals did not need anything considering which they were displeased according to the season or they were but the nature's needs that they find.
The mythical ancestors who have to create the world, a life animal and vegetable that they called "the time of the dream" Of the crowned sites that have can currently visit it.


  After the discovery of Australia by Europeans was a great upheaval in the life
of the aboriginals.

Aboriginal attractions
Aboriginal art includes dot paintings, barkpaintings from Arnhem land, wood carvings and silk-screen prints from the Tiwi Islands north of darwin, batik prints and wood carvings from central Australia, and much more.
Many Aboriginal-run tours and camps are based around experiencing traditional indigenous lifestyles including finding and gathering food, interpretation of rock art and sites, and participating in cultural ceremonies and activities such as dances, cook-ups and storytelling.

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