Découverte  du  Télégraphe
Achevé en 1872

 OLD  Telegraph Station "Alice Springs"
"Tennant Creek Telegraph Station"


  A lire dans les reportages Alice Springs, l'histoire du télégraphe à cette époque
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Tennant Creek Telegraph - Station Historical Reserve

The Reserve The tennant creek Telegraph Station is located 10km north of tennant Creek beside the Stuart Highway. Built in 1872, the station provided a welcome refuge from the harsh and unforgiving surroundings.
The Overland Telegraph Line was built along a 3,600 km route from Adelaide to darwin which had been traversed in 1860 by John McDouall Stuart's expedition party. compared with today's high technology communication systems of optical fibres, satellites and solar powered units, it is easy to underestimale the siginifiancance of this once remote Telegraph Station.
Aboriginal Perspectve. Warumungu Aboriginal people were the first occupants of the region. As you can imagine, the establishment of the Telegraph Station caused a major upheaval in their lives. During the severe droughts of the 1880's some Aboriginal people chose to camp near the Station to take advantage of the water supply from the well. In 1890 zhe Telegrapn Station became a rations store with staff distributing flour, sugar, tea and blankets to Aboriginal people.
By 1892 the Warumungu Aboriginal Reserve was established and this persisted until 1934 when a mining permit was issued over the precinct. renowned pioneering anthropologists Spencer and Gillen used the Telegraph Station as a base, setting up a dark room to process photograhs and observing...
"Warumungu people at the station perform such a variety of ceremonies that both researchers are quite exhausted keeping records".